Ursocrypha: The Book of Bear

A bear’s paws are tainted with oil after a pipeline spill near Kitimat… and so begins an eco-adventure set in the north of British Columbia. Three environmentalists and the bears they love are linked by a tragedy, they come together in a mythical, reverent story about nature and those who would do anything to protect it.

The Bears, ready to be entertained

The storyboard of the novel

Reader Review

Just finished reading The Bears and loved every moment of it! Katie Welch brings these magnificent bears to life, and in introducing us to some very fascinating two legged creatures as well, she takes the reader on an eco-adventure full of passion, spirit, intelligence, humour and even a little good hot sex! So timely with Enbridge and many others pushing at the doors of our natural environment – the horror of an oil spill as terrible as the one she describes is unfortunately not a fantasy or far fetched in any way. Well done and well worth a read!

– Donna Bishop, Kamloops, B.C.

The storyboard of the novel