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Mad Honey

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Mad Honey cover by Michel Vrana


    * Nominated for the 2023 Evergreen Award *

300 PAGES | ISBN 978-1-989496-52-7

When Beck Wise vanished, his girlfriend Melissa Makepeace poured herself into caring for the family farm, silently absorbing yet another man disappearing from her life. But when Beck reappears three months later, thin, pale, with no idea what day it is and filled with memories of being bees, a series of layered mysteries begins to unravel. What had happened to Beck? Where did her father go? How can she keep the farm together? With gorgeous descriptions, deft characterizations and a page-turning plot, Mad Honey immerses the reader in a search for truth bounded by the everyday magic of beekeeping, of family and of finding peace, all while asking how much we really understand the natural world.

Published under Wolsak & Wynn’s Buckrider Books imprint. 

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