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Town Musicians of Ender

Issue 49.1 of EVENT Magazine. Spring 2020

EVENT, published by Douglas College, is one of Western Canada’s longest-running literary magazines. 

“Bear was weary of his circumstance. Given dwindling salmon runs, scant availability of berry-forage bushes, and the general degradation of his every pleasure and contentment, he might be forgiven his defeatist attitude. He had long since resorted to eating garbage, stripping urban fruit trees of their lodes, and murdering the occasional barnyard animal.”



  1. Donna Bishop Donna Bishop

    This is fantastic news, Katie!!! I can’t wait to read your story in Event Magazine and will subscribe so I can do just that. Bravo!!

    • Katie Welch Katie Welch

      Thank you Donna – I appreciate this so much. Had lunch with local author and historian Lynne Stonier-Newman yesterday. She arrived with a book she said was riveting and a must-read: Liv Unravelled 🙂

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